Bon Aprontit: Spring/Summer Collection

It’s here, it’s here! The Spring/Summer Bon Aprontit collection is here and not even all of it is live yet, there’s still another surprise to come!  But for now, I’m jumping for joy! ^ See that’s me jumping for joy!! We have so many exciting things to share and can’t thank everyone enough for their feedback to make this collection

Bon Business 101: The Truths About Starting a Business

Hi there, Megan here. Remember me? Don’t worry I don’t blame you if not. I apologize for the MIA lately, seems to be a regular thing these days but I promise you it’s for good reason.  In just another week or so, I will finally be able to share with you the Spring/ Summer Bon Aprontit collection and trust me when

7 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

All I’m saying is it’s Friday.  This post involves champagne and photos from a fun Valentine’s celebration. And it’s totally worth the three minute read, especially if you’re still looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day next week. Each year I try to surprise Steve with little things such as notes hidden for him to find throughout the day,