10 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

I know it’s Tuesday and I’m posting again, but I’m such a sucker for Valentine’s day. I have so many last minute round-ups that I wanted to share to help make this Valentine’s day your best one yet!

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator, which I have been a lot lately (aka writing this post at 2am right now), then you are probably still looking for some date ideas for this weekend. No matter the budget, location or how long you’ve been dating I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite date ideas that are sure to be perfect for you and your loved one!


1. Breakfast in Bed 
Start your day off with a little breakfast in bed. Nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal together while still in your pjs. Whip up some overnight french toast the night before or these adorable heart donuts the morning of. Nothing says good morning like the smell of coffee and donuts. 

2. Be Active 
One of my favorite date’s with Steve is every year in the winter we go ice skating at a local outdoor rink. Sometimes it’s hard to find ways to stay active in the winter, but a few of my favorite are: ice skating, rock climbing, biking, bowling and tennis. 

3. Grub Crawl
I heard of this awhile back and absolutely loved the idea! Instead of going to one place for lunch or dinner, pick 5 places that you love going to or have always wanted to try and go to each one for a small plate or drink. This makes the evening for a fun night out and you get to try five different places!

4. Trip Down Memory Lane
There’s nothing better than looking back on all the memories you made together. Whether it’s looking through old photos or revisiting old places. One of my most memorable dates with Steve was when we went on a tour through the city revisiting all the old places we made memories at; our first date, the theater we saw Rocky Horror show at, the ice skating rink we go to every year, our favorite dessert place, the park we picnic at, etc.

5. Volunteer
Doing something that gives back is always a great way to spend time together. Find out about different ways to volunteer in your community and make a date of it. In Chicago, PAWS is a great way to give back to a furry friend in need. Visit a local shelter and take a dog for a walk or go inside and play with the animals for a few hours. There are also so many other great ways to make a date our of volunteering, such as the local Ronald McDonald house here has Saturday “Cookie Making” opportunities where groups come in and make cookies for the families staying at the home!

6. Romantic Dinner
Dinner is almost always a given when it comes to a date night, but switch things up this year with a fun interactive dinner. Try a homemade pizza night together at home or go out for fondue. You can also find so many fun different dinner activities during the holidays at your local restaurants such as this blindfolded three-course aphrodisiac dinner at Sullivans

7. Themed Date
Everything is better with a theme, even date night. Pick a theme and base your night around doing activities that involve this theme. One year Steve and I did a “Around the World” theme date. We ate french toast for breakfast, watched the Italian Job movie, visited a local winery and tasted European wines and tested our “luck of the Irish” at the local casino.

8. Game Night
Many people think that game night means you have to have a large group of people, but they are so wrong! There are so many fun games to play with only two including these 50+ two person games you can play with just a deck of cards or you can find more creative ideas on the Dating Divas Pinterest board here.

9. Dessert
Now we’re talking! Valentine’s day is all about the sweets and chocolates, but instead of just buying your significant other a box of chocolates get creative with your dessert. Maybe a little cupcake fondue or one of these easy DIY Pretzel kits from Fatty Sundays.

10. Indoor Campout
Since it’s a little too cold to camp outdoors, bring the campground indoors with this fun camp themed night. I’m not talking your grade school style fort you used to build by stacking chairs and hanging old blankets. Go the extra step this year and make a romantic get away in your own living room with this indoor fort. Bring the smores and love stories welcome;)

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