Dash of Sparkle: Shake it Off
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Happy Monday! I’m still computer-less so sorry for this being short again, but last week when I killed my computer (aka water spill) I had a minor heart attack when I took it to the store and they told me I would have to wait a week to get it back. A WEEK? I can’t live without my computer for that long. No joke, that was my reaction to the poor worker trying to help me. Sorry Geeksquad dude. 

A week without my computer? How would I keep up with e-mails, blog posts, pinteresting pinning…Ok that last one may not have been my biggest concern but I will admit I thought I would never survive a whole week without it. Ridiculous, right? What is really going to happen if I don’t answer an e-mail right away or get a blog post up by 6am..nothing. Nothing at all. To be honest, nobody probably even noticed Friday’s post didn’t go up until 12:00pm.

Sometimes things that seem like the biggest deal at the moment are actually only a minor bump in the road and we just have to shake it off. I get my computer back Tuesday and guess what? My hearts still beating and I think I’m going to survive;)

Dash of Sparkle

Today’s a new day and the start of a new week. Any little bumps in the road from last week or over the weekend, shake them off. Start fresh today ready to tackle the new week because after all I think we’ll all survive those little bumps. 

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